Artist Statement

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Gail MacLeod, Photographer


My greatest inspiration comes from paintings by Van Gogh, Sisley, Wyeth and Bruegel.    Perhaps studying paintings is unusual for a photographer, but I enjoy learning about their composition, colors, intent and place in history.  These instruct my photography in creating a sense of wonder or telling a story.   The soft character of many of my images are drawn from these painters.

Galleries, Publications, Awards

My work is always on display at the artists cooperative – Artists in Cahoots at 21 W. Washington Street, Lexington Virginia (540-464-1147).

Various publications have used my photos as their cover art or in articles, including the Lexington Visitor guide, the Fine Arts in Rockbridge booklet, the Lexington News Gazette.   My landscape scenes and nature images have received various awards  including several at the Bath County Art Show and the Rockbridge County Fair.

Recent publications using my images include the Washingtonian Magazine and The Architecture of Historic Rockbridge.


My growth and achievements in photography have firm footing on the coaching and teaching of some of the best photographers in the country especially George DeWolfe who has been my mentor and my instructor.   Other instructors who have shaped my work include Freeman Patterson and Eddie Soloway.

I will continue to enjoy capturing the beauty that surrounds me, but keep a watchful eye as I play with the creativity that the tools of the 21st century bring to photography

Gail MacLeod